Vo PAM first started out as a collective of individual female artists. In May 2014 they developed into a solid band consisting of three members; Amanda Mair, Fanny Heikman and Pernilla Söderblom.

Together with their vocals, bombastic drumming and unique melodies they create a brand new sound image. Their lyrics underline feelings about injustice and upsetting issues, as well as sheading light on the problems that the band faces everyday in a male-dominated industry. Their hope is that the music will inform, inspire and affect the listener and encourage more girls to start bands of their own.


During 2015 the group had shows at festivals such as Peace & Love and Putte i Parken. 2016 started off with the release of their debut single “Background Noise”, which you can hear in H&M’s Instore Playlist. In March 2016 they released their EP “Human” and had a release party at Obaren, Stockholm. After their EP they´ve had shows at festivals and clubs all around Sweden. The year ended with Vo PAM headlining Roks 20 years-celebration party at Debaser Medborgarplatsen in Stockholm.


First part 2017 they were focusing on writing new music and by fall the #metoo-song project took shape. With 56 featuring artists contributing, among them Kajsa Grytt, Shirley Clamp, Blenda, Carolina Wallin Pérez, Bishat, Rebecka Rolfart, Sarah Riedel and Sonja Aldén they released the #metoo-song called Vad dom än säger  in March 2018. The money for the song goes to Roks, Riksförbundet för kvinnojourer och tjejjourer i Sverige.


“4 tjejer som kallar sig för Vo PAM och som brinner lika mycket för att

motverka orättvisor och diskriminering som att göra fantastisk musik”

Musikguiden i P3, Niklas Folkesson

Translation: ”Four girls that call themselves Vo PAM who are as passionate about fighting injustice and discrimination as making fantastic music.”




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